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I love fall in the Northwest–the bright, clear skies and cold crisp nights, and everything alive with color. For me it is a sensory delight, a time when I feel most connected with the natural world. It is also the time of year that I most appreciate the creature comforts like fire in the hearth, hot tea, slippers, and flannel sheets.



Blessed ritual, this sweet relief,

Swaddling my body as I ease between soft sheets,

Burrowing between fluffy folds of security,

And curling my toes around coarsely woven threads.


Tension, rising upon exhale,

Disperses on the updraft as I wriggle and nestle,

Smiling behind the comfort veil pulled to my nose,

And nuzzling my pillow as warmth washes over.


Eyes, closed to today,

Turning inward in retrospect as I succumb layer by layer,

Clutching fists full of cotton drawn snug to my chest,

And embracing myself in its sensual shroud.


Unfettered, flights of fancy escape,

Fleeing the mew of my mind on white winged musing,

Suspending consciousness alongside my robe on the coat hook,

And slipping silently into gentle, soul stirring dreams.



Copyright ©2008 by Roberta Trahan, all rights reserved