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I’ve been remiss in my postings here – deadline for Book Two of The Dream Stewards (THE KEYS TO THE REALMS) is looming, and I am spending every spare moment on the manuscript. However, I do plan to take a break for the BDOF (big day of feasting) and will return to my blog schedule on Sunday with news and other updates.

In the meantime, I wish all of you a harvest of blessings this week – and to those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving, a bounty of food, fellowship and merry-making with family and friends.

And, just for fun, a couple of things to keep you entertained until I return:

First, here is a link to a  medieval roast fowl recipe from the folks at A BOKE OF GODE COOKERY – as it happens, turkeys were not introduced to Europe until the 16th century, so this recipe calls for for a swan. Any large bird will do. Please note that the original recipe (in Old English) is quoted first, followed by a contemporary translation – just in case you’d like to give it a try:  Roasted Swan with Chaudon

Next, for your viewing pleasure, I give you a holiday favorite: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Awen à Bendition!!