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wine 3

I’m about to sit down with a glass of wine and a bit of stinky cheese, to celebrate an awesome week. Care to join me? I’m pouring a lovely Washington State Shiraz…

And now for the news!


First up is something I’ve been waiting weeks to reveal – the publication date for the long awaited sequel to THE WELL OF TEARS (The Dream Stewards #1) is officially set in stone!

THE KEYS TO THE REALMS (The Dream Stewards #2) will be released via 47North on May 6, 2014. More info coming soon – including a cover reveal blog party and all sorts of good stuff.

If you haven’t already read the first book in the series, now’s the time to catch up. Get your copy of THE WELL OF TEARS here or here or here. As a little added incentive, I’m offering a little giveaway.

FREE GIFTS WITH PURCHASE (yes, there is a string attached)

If you buy the book, read the book, post an honest review (good or not so good) on Amazon.com , BarnesandNoble.com, or GoodReads.com and then let me know by posting a comment in this thread, I will send you a limited edition bookmark, signed custom book plate, and a 47North temporary tattoo sticker.

Already read the book? All you have to do is post your review and claim your reward! Quantities are limited, so don’t delay!


Next, I’m thrilled to announce a series of guest author posts starting next month. A group of my fellow 47North authors will be hosting and posting news and features for each other. My first special guest will be the brilliant Jeff Wheeler. His Muirwood series is one my favorites. More details when I have them.


Just today I had the great pleasure of meeting in person another of my 47North cohorts. Author Denise Grover Swank was in Seattle today taking part in a panel presentation given by the best-selling authors of THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT SELF-PUBLISHING, an event sponsored by Writer.ly to benefit Seattle Free Lances, a long-standing writers organization of which I have been a member (and board officer) for many years. Denise’s urban fantasy The Curse Keepers will be released in November. Check it out! 


With that, I raise my glass and bid you all a wonderful weekend!

Awen á bendithion…
(inspiration and blessings)…