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I recycle this post every Fall. Even after all these years it still speaks for me. Autumn has always been my favorite season.

This piece was selected by the actor Rutger Hauer for his Soap Box Poets page long ago, and still resides there…

(image courtesy of Sarah Chorn Photography)

World within A World

Simple Pleasures



I would never


Hold rain-washed river rock

just to feel the cool smoothness

of edges dulled by merciless scrubbing,


Breathe frost laced fog vapor

just to see icy mist crystals

hanging in the sky melt from my warmth,


Follow wind swept maple leaves

just to watch them scatter randomly

in complicated dances across the road,


Stand rooted to the sidewalk

just to taste coffee essence, French roast,

served on the breeze outside a café,


Or smile at strangers rushing past me

just to acknowledge the hue and grain

they have added to the landscape of my day.



I would take the bus.


copyright 2008 Roberta Trahan, all rights reserved.