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I’ve been holding my tongue about something really exciting for a while now, and I am SO relieved to say that the big news broke today, and I can finally share it with the world!

I am so pleased and proud to announce Storyfront, a new Amazon Publishing StoryFront_Logo_Transparent1._SX50_imprint dedicated to the short story! Even better, my post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure story AFTERSHOCK is a part of this new venture, and will be released January 8th. I’ll be revealing the cover and hosting a fabulous giveaway later this month. But for now, here’s the breakdown:

From best-selling fantasy author Roberta Trahan comes a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure about a young woman coming to terms with survival in the aftermath of a cataclysmic seismic event that is not at all what it seems…


Stranded with a random band of travelers at an isolated roadside rest stop in the North Cascades, climatologist Daria Black finds herself a reluctant refugee in a harsh reality she no longer recognizes. It isn’t long before Daria realizes that the cataclysmic earthquake that destroyed her life has also altered the world around her. The climate is growing more hostile by the moment, and help still hasn’t arrived.

While the survivors haggle over how to save themselves, Daria discovers the unthinkable. The massive quake was not a natural disaster. Something else is reshaping the earth.

When the survivors come face to face with an inhuman threat, Daria has no choice but to confront her grief and guilt and find the will to fight. But first she must decide who to follow, when to lead, and how to stay alive.

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Roberta Trahan’s AFTERSHOCK  is a little taste of post-apocalyptic perfection. Equal parts chilling, heartbreaking and suspenseful, it’s a definite page-turner!  

Tara Bennett, best-selling author of Fringe: September’s Notebook and Lost Encyclopedia

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The story is now available for pre-order. To reserve your copy of AFTERSHOCK, click here.

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