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On the edge of the veil between mortal ways and magic, evil was hard at work.  Dark, twisted goblin creatures called the devilkin were weaving a spell—a thicket of thistle as tall as a house and so thick she couldn’t see light through it.

In the first book of the series, THE WELL OF TEARS, the high sorceress Alwen confronts and ultimately defeats a cursed wall of thorns spun by a dangerous being known as the devilkin. In the world of the Dream Stewards, the devilkin are the hands and eyes of evil magic – spawned by the incantation of a dark mage to do his or her bidding.

In folklore, the devilkin is a small, lesser demon commonly referred to as the imp and often considered a familiar of witches and wizards. I first came upon the word in Brewer’s Phrase & Fable, but references to “devilkin” also appear in Celtic and Germanic literature as early as the 17th century.

The devilkin in THEdemon eyes 1-1 WELL OF TEARS are small, gnarled beasties with long tiny claw-like hands and glowing red eyes. They are summoned in the name of black magic to weave a thorny hedge surrounding the sanctuary known as Fane Gramarye. The hedge itself is a living thing with vines that ensnare anyone who ventures too close. The thorns are cursed with a poison venom that causes a sickness with no known cure.

This particular creature was inspired by a childhood fear of mine – the monsters living under my bed and in my closet. In my imagination, the monsters were tiny goblins just waiting to snatch hold of my toes! They don’t make an appearance in the sequel, THE KEYS TO THE REALMS, but they are sure to return to wreak havoc in a future novel.

And now for this week’s Trivia Challenge: In the world of the Dream Stewards, the mystical temple known as Fane Gramarye is protected by an enchanted forest. What is the name of this fictional forest?

(Hint: if you haven’t read the books yet, the answer can easily be found by clicking through to the blog archives and scrolling through The Dream Stewards category)

Post your answer in the comments section below to enter. If you also like and/or share this post and mention where in your comment, you’ll get an extra entry – but the extra entry only counts if you also answer the question correctly :). One lucky winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries received by midnight on Sunday, May 11th. The prize is a $10 Amazon gift card!!