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I crawled out of my writing cave this morning and realized I’d been in there a lot longer than I thought. Days, even entire weeks have passed – and I hardly noticed! I’d like to say I’ve got a completed manuscript to show for it, but the truth is I’m still a long way from finished.

I’ve got three core projects in the works – the first is an Urban Fantasy series that I just can’t seem to abandon, even though the publishing peeps have been telling me this particular subculture in the fantasy genre is dying on the vine. I’ve decided to put the words on the page and see where this first story goes.

Also on the story wheel is a novel length sequel to the short story I released through StoryFront earlier this year, AFTERSHOCK. If you’re into post-apocalyptic dystopian societies and hostile first-contact scenarios, you should give AFTERSHOCK a try. The novel picks up two years after the original event horizon, as the main characters are forced to confront the grim reality that life on earth is now more alien than human. This is an adapt or die situation that only the strongest can survive.

The project I’m most into this week is a full-on epic fantasy that takes place in a world where the balance of power has tipped too far in favor of a privileged few, and the scale is about to be reset. Akylah, the ruler of the Beyaz-at, is hell-bent to fulfill her father’s promise to lead the displaced tribe back to their ancestral home to reclaim the land and power that is rightfully theirs. To do that, she must retrieve a holy relic that holds no meaning for her, fight an enemy that isn’t hers, and broker a truce between opposing forces who would rather face extinction than make peace.

Sound interesting? I sure hope so. And while you’re waiting for me to finish, you might want to check out this stuff:

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And, on Thursday October 30th, I’ll be hanging out at a Facebook Hallowe’en Party featuring a whole bunch of fabulous writers who will be reading, chatting, and giving away prizes –

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That’s all I’ve got on the calendar for now, but keep checking back for updates. Rumor has it I will be making a guest appearance or two in the Seattle area in the very near future!