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7116446via fellow 47North author J.D. Horn

A summer sleep-over more than thirty years ago. A rare chance to peruse someone else’s comic collection left me incapable of sleep.

Throughout the wee hours, I lay on the floor, a small lamp shedding a dim circle of light on the massive pile of comic books spread out in a careless semicircle before me. Since my friend and I were the same age and had similar tastes, our collections shared many titles in common, but his included an issue of Superman that mine lacked. I picked up that issue and set it aside at least three times before opening it. Its cover depicted a creepy cemetery scene with Superman, superhero par excellence, caught in the clutches of Solomon Grundy, a monumentally strong zombie. My sense of proper taxonomy rebelled against the blending of what I considered two separate and never to be combined  genres.

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